Hello , welcome to my little online shop .. Ready to post out are sent out within 3 working days , Made to order is currently 3 weeks, please get in touch if you can't find what you are looking for or would like a bespoke order making . I'm on insta.. @bespokequirky & facebook too Bespoke Quirky Gifts.. hope you can find me there .. best wishes Kerrie x


Welcome to Bespoke Quirky where you will find Handcrafted Art made from a variety of materials, driftwood , salvaged timber, natures treasures & wire .. 

Our little Art Studio is based in the beautiful county of Rutland which provides Kerrie (our Designer & Artist) with so much inspiration , as well as regular trips to the coast , supported by hubby Rob who looks after the admin as well as so many other elements which make a business run smoothly.

Kerrie qualified in interior Design after completing A levels in art & Graphic design. Then time to get a job ! Family , and many years working in a variety of roles took Kerrie away from her dream of using her design skills in a job role.. Employment ranged from being a NHS maternity receptionist , then spotted a job working for the Police , a civilian role , a Community Coordinator , the job which would shape her future.

 In the 4 years she made a difference,  was awarded a commendation for her service to the community from the Chief constable,  met the Prime minister and Princess Anne. Following this decided a change and job role and became the first Civilian Intelligence officer ( such an exciting job , just like on the telly ! ) in Leicestershire constabulary. 

After a year then decided the job wasn't for her ( well the police officers weren't quite ready for a Civilian in the role ) so searched for a role which could use her community & organisation skills. The next role was in schools as an Extended Services Manager , a fab role working for 13 schools , short term , just 2 years . So much experience gathered including how to book keep , apply for large funding pots, organise activities etc etc.

 The two years went fast and Kerrie needed to decide where to go next . Never afraid of interviews , started looking , and found a lovely job working as a Volunteer manager , applied and got it ! Working within a library in Leicester absolutely loved the job. Managing the volunteer programme & the upper floor of the library. The targets were hard as the library was built from Lottery funding , but Kerrie put all the necessary systems in place and hit targets within one year instead of the projected 2 years. Because of this was asked to look after the reading scheme volunteer recruitment for the second year and again recruited more that enough , put the training in place and succeeded again.. 

What next you may ask ? , well the start of Bespoke Quirky.. Kerrie was made redundant after being given an extension after the 2 years initial contract. This was the time to start that dream. 38 years of age and going self employed as an artist at last.. 

Kerrie designed a range of products and put them on Ebay . The sales started to come in .. day on day , more & more. After a year she was so busy hubby had to help after work with packing the products . This went on for a while then we decided hubby Rob would give up his job to join Kerrie. They set up a limited company , and haven't looked back. Rob was able to bring his experience from the workplace into the business. He had worked in shipping coordination,  then for the Police as a Civilian,  working on the Serious Crime team supporting the investigators. 

The company has changed lots over the years & the product range too .. significantly when covid arrived , the company adapted and changed which it had to , to survive. 

Kerrie & Rob are extremely proud of what they do , friends & family are too .. the success is from hard work & determination. 

At the heart of the company ethos is customer care & satisfaction. Having a successful Instagram page helps the business , and has grown again through hard work engaging with followers and creating beautiful squares daily to share.